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SixtyFourRecords is an punk music site and music blog run by Sam Wood from Leeds, UK.

About Sam –

I was a huge fan of music my whole life really. As a child I would place myself in front of the TV and consume every band Kerrang ever played. As I grew up I found emo and punk music, most Desecendents and Black Flag. As a teenager I had started writing songs, whilst listening to Nirvana, Pop-Punk (hate me,) Queens Of The Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others. My true interest in punk came from my exposure to D.I.Y culture. I was quickly obsessed and started listening to more punk bands, putting on shows, recording songs and forming a band (Decades.)

I had started to notice a decline in the community of punk music, fans had become less passionate about the scene and more volitile towards each other. SixtyFourRecords and SheepZine attempt to re-establish this sense of community by offering a space for all those with a shared passion in punk music.


Enjoy the site and contact me with music recommendations, thoughts, and anything really.