A Retrospective On Mudhoney

What can I say about mudhoney. They’re incredible. Although they lack the pop sensibilities of Nirvana, or the depth of over bands from the Seattle scene, Mudhoney created a truly unique sound which paved the way for so many bands.

My favourite song of theirs ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’ seems to parody romance, love, and sex, by presenting the toxicity that love can contain.

Mudhoney have survived generations of music, recently playing in Leeds which I couldn’t attend (I’m too poor.)

The Seatle ‘grunge’ band practically crafted the ‘SubPop sound’ and continued to promote individually throughout their career.

Mudhoney stands to me as one of few bands that found themself in a microcosmic zeitgeist to truly stick to their guns and follow their passion.

Listen To Mudhoney

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