Basement – Disconnect // Stigmata (Review)



With Basement now a part of the Fuelled By Ramen roster, the release of their 2018 album Beside Myself draws ever closer.  Their most recent singles, Disconnect and Stigmata appear to offer an insight into either side tonally of Beside Myself. Disconnect offers a feel-good sing-along anthem, whereas Stigmata offers a bleak emptiness which juxtaposes Disconnect entirely. Both songs, although separated by their differences do feature similar lyrical themes which may be an insight into the overall themes that surround Beside Myself.


Disconnect: To me Disconnect is catchy and upbeat although lacks any real substance. It seems to be setting itself up as the ‘radio hit’ of Beside Myself which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although it does allow the song to be (in my opinion) shadowed by Stigmata. This doesn’t leave Disconnect without merit as the addition of the added vocal tracks on the final chorus allow the song to go from sounding fairly empty to massive. Furthermore, the bass and drums leave the low end of Disconnect feeling empty with a lack of any real prominence. overall Disconnect is a good song but I don’t think it will leave its mark on me.


Score: 68/100


Stigmata: Wow, Stigmata is my favourite Basement song. I’m seeing them live on their 2018 UK tour and can’t wait to hear this leave. It’s huge, it’s sad, and it’s cinematic. Alex Henry’s guitar tone is a major highlight of Stigmata and sounds similar to the tone he uses in his side project Fiddlehead. Stigmata features this overarching theme of loneliness that echoes through the song, giving it this intense depth, which is easy to get lost in. Few songs seem to paint a moment in the audiences mind, although Stigmata gives you an entire movie that plays on loop inside your mind as you listen to the song.


Score: 80/100


Beside Myself will be released on the 12th of October by Fuelled By Ramen.




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